Doodle Card #110 – Forget Many Things To Make One Thing Happen


Forget many things to make one thing happen.


I was a perfectionist who achieved nothing valuable.

I once worked for 4,000 hours a year. Maybe more than that — I was in the office almost every day, including weekends. I wanted to make everything done in my way. Every tiny thing.

Being a perfectionist gave me a lot of things. Unhealthy body and mind. Broken friendship. Lack of focus and willpower. Alcoholic. Even my boss hated me because I did too much. Since everything was against me, I devoted myself more and more to my job. I believed that was the way to make everything work, but it only led me to an ambulance.

It’s not easy to let many things go in order to focus on one thing. The essential one. The one that matters most in your life or business. The one that might change your life forever. We tend not to focus on such ‘one thing’ because we do not have to feel pressured. It’s easy to waste our time in less meaningful things.

But if we really want to achieve something that matters to us, we need to face and overcome the fear of choosing the essential one. Being a perfectionist is, in a sense, to live our life even without facing the fear.


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