Doodle Card #115 – Keep People Busy With Thinking

Keep people busy with thinking.


Keep people busy with thinking.


“That young guy focuses on taking notes. He must be good.”

My ex-boss told me. “He’s probably just busy taking notes because Mr. X keeps talking”, I said. Then he replied, “No you don’t understand. He can be a great assistant of ours.”

Some people think of you as a good, capable and trustworthy person if you work really hard on note taking. That’s probably because they think you respect and carefully listen to what they say.

But the reality is, most of the time, you are just busy taking notes without thinking. You just focus on catching words without deliberating why someone says something. That’s completely a waste of our brain power.

Let us liberate people from mindless note-taking. Ask questions. Encourage people to speak out. Help people’s brain work for you and everyone else.

This is the way to make everyone really good.


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