Doodle Card #94 – Live A Live Time

Live a live time.


Live a live time.


Sitting in a wheelchair, he looked at me and said,

“Do you like what you are doing?”

I didn’t answer. Because I hated my job. My father might have noticed that.

He had stage 4 liver cancer at that time. None of my family knew that. But my father perhaps noticed that he couldn’t live longer.

He passed away four months after he asked me the question. I had no chance to answer. I couldn’t be even at my father’s bedside because of my shitty job.

My father’s life was full of ups and downs. As his son, I was a beneficiary at times and a victim at other times.

I loved and hated my father. I loved him because he tried his best to show me the world. I hated him because he brought so many troubles to our home.

He wanted to live his life to the fullest. Probably he thought he couldn’t make it. But for me, no matter what happened to him, he did his best to live the present moment to the fullest. He showed me the way. And because of that, I still respect and love him.

Today and every day, I will do my best to live the present moment to the fullest. At least I like what I am doing now.


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