Doodle Card #120 – Get Out Of A Small World

Get out of a small world.


Get out of a small world.


When I was a kid living in a rural area, my dream was to live in a big city. So I decided to go to college in a metropolitan area.

After I lived in a big city for years, living abroad became my next dream. I didn’t know how at that time, but a few years later, I happened to have an opportunity to work in the United States.

I traveled around the world. There are still zillions of places I haven’t visited yet, but now there are people who work on taking human beings to Mars. It would be great if I could go and live there someday.

It is easy to imagine or talk about something big. When we actually see or touch it, we’ll see it’s completely a different story.

Go outside of where you are now. Create an opportunity by yourself if no one gives it to you. See how the outer world is. It can be an experience that changes your view forever.


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