Doodle Card #118 – Keep Showing Up

Keep showing up.


Keep showing up.


I admire Ichiro.

In MLB, Ichiro didn’t hit 6,600+ times at the batter’s box. His batting average has been over 0.300.

Quite often, people see this fact like, “Well, even Ichiro doesn’t hit 7 out of 10 times, so it’s usual that things don’t always go well for us.”

That might be true. But what makes Ichiro unusual is — he keeps playing no matter what happens. He always makes him ready to show up. Even when he didn’t hit at all or he was not in starting lineup in the previous game.

We are not Ichiro, but we can live like Ichiro. Even if things don’t go well in our life or work, we’ve got to be ready to show up again.

Especially when we fail. Learn from it, then forget it.

Be ready. Focus on next.


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