Doodle Card #138 – There’s No Born Expert

There's no born expert.


There’s no born expert.


“I wish I could master English like you do.”

Some Japanese friends said to me. Nope. My English is far from perfect. That’s why I still learn the language every day.

My old friend is the owner and chef of a Chinese restaurant. He was very good at cooking even when he was in junior high. But he is still developing his culinary skills every day.

Becoming an expert is not a short-term project. It can be lifetime. People may recognize you as an expert in a short period of time, but that is just a milestone. You should not stop learning.

Learn one thing at a time. Challenge yourself. Improve 1% every day. Be humble and learn from everybody.

And more importantly, don’t compare yourself with others while learning. Your mastery merely belongs to you, not someone else.


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