Doodle Card #123 – Whatever You Think, Write It Down


Whatever you think, write it down.


I’ve seen many people saying, “Well, let me think about it.” But their outcome is often quite similar (if not the same) with what they said before thinking about it.

We human beings tend to think the same thing over and over again. Especially about bad things. This is how our ancestors survived for millions of years — if they didn’t focus on bad things, most of our ancestors would have been killed by other animals.

But now, this tendency does not always give us an ideal outcome because we have many choices. There are millions of ways to make something happen or avoid something happening. In order to get a better outcome, we have to stop our brain going around the same place.

Always carry a notebook and pen (or whatever you can write) with you. Write your thought down whenever it comes up. Or draw an image in your brain. Then forget it and think about other things.

The more you think and write down, the more likely you come up with better idea.


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