Doodle Card #132 – You Are Alive. It’s A Miracle

You are alive (and see this). It's a miracle.


You are alive (& see this). It’s a miracle.


You are here — it’s a miracle.

A recent study shows that the average human male is made of 30 trillion cells and contains about 40 trillion bacteria. We don’t even know how exactly these cells and bacterias help our body function. But we are alive and kicking. At least now.

According to Instagram Blog article on June 21, 2016, Instagram has 500+ million users, and 300+ million Instagrammers use it every single day. You might be one of such active users. They post millions of photos every single hour. And you just find this doodle card.

Being alive is itself a miracle. Finding this post out of zillions can be called a miracle.

Let us live today like a miracle.


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