Doodle Card #170 – An Idea Comes From A Noise

An idea comes from a noise.


An idea comes from a noise.


A great symphony is a perfect balance of various noises. If we listen to each of the instruments, we are unable to identify what it is.

A great idea is like that. It consists of various fragmentary knowledge and/or information, and works together. If we just take a look at each fragment, we can’t figure out what it is.

Any meetings in a corporate environment can be quite unproductive because people look for a perfect idea, not a fragment of an idea, in the first place. Or such meetings can be quite destructive because it is quite easy to deny the value of a fragment of an idea. Sadly, or ironically, people enjoy a feeling of accomplishment even when they destroy fragmentary ideas – although these ideas can turn into a great, world-changing idea. That’s why many companies are continuously struggling, and we individuals should avoid this costly pitfall.

Gather pieces of information in your brain and try to formulate them as if you were composing music. This world is waiting for your great idea — a perfect balance of your noisy thoughts.


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