Doodle Card #161 – Be The Person You Want To Keep Company With

Be the person you want to keep company with.


Be the person you want to keep company with.


Arrogance is one of the personalities we can never hide.

I was arrogant. Extremely arrogant. I was a sort of “me-me-me” personality and rarely listened to others. I was not aware of that because I was with the people who were as arrogant as I was. No matter what I thought, I was arrogant enough to make people go nuts. And after delusional short-term success, I failed miserably in many aspects of my life.

While overcoming the failure I created by myself, I learned to be ‘weaker’ than before. It doesn’t mean that I am literally weaker; I intentionally focus on listening to others first and try to ruminate on what they say, before I say something firm. This is what arrogant people would never do, and this way I can identify the person who is arrogant like I was before, and gradually stay away from them.

I am sick and tired of dealing with arrogant people. It’s because not only do I dislike arrogance now but I was fatally hurt by my own arrogance in the past.

I’m doing whatever I can do to let my arrogance go. It helps me become the person I want to be with. And this is also the best way to detect and stay away from arrogance of others.


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