Doodle Card #163 – Create An Obstacle And Conquer It

Create an obstacle and conquer it.


Create an obstacle and conquer it.


I go for a run every day. Even on a rainy day. Running in the rain is a bit uncomfortable, but not as bad as you might imagine.

For runners, rain is one of the easiest obstacles to deal with. Blisters, leg cramps, pain of joints or knees — these obstacles are difficult to handle, but sometimes unavoidable. So runners have to cope with them no matter what.

Creating a small obstacle by ourselves and overcoming the obstacle — it makes us mentally strong. It forces us to think thoroughly to find out what we can do under given conditions, and makes us realize that we are always resourceful. And we gain confidence from the experience.

There are times that we have a huge obstacle in our life and business. It is unavoidable. But if we keep doing the “small obstacle workout” day by day, we can face such a huge obstacle with calm — knowing that there is a way to deal with it. That we can make the way even when there seems to be nothing.

Seek and work on a small obstacle. Create one if there is nothing. That becomes an opportunity.


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