Doodle Card #158 – Don’t Let Others Devalue Your Time

Don't let others devalue your time.


Don’t let others devalue your time.


Managing time is essential. But it’s not about YOUR time, it’s other’s time.

The value of time is the same for everyone. No matter what we do during the day — CEO, janitor, housewife or student — an hour is an hour. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s THE ONE hour of our limited lives.

The problem is, some people think their time is more important and precious than others. They don’t care even if they waste other’s time, and they get furious or feel offended if someone wastes their time.

The potential problem of any productivity hacks exists here — such hacks may save our time while wasting other’s time. “Focus on what matters to you” — this advice sounds great, but it doesn’t mean that we have the right to spend other’s time for us as much as we want. We have to design how things work from a holistic point of view.

Our social status never changes the value of time. The ultimate productivity hack is to save everyone’s time and to increase output exponentially. It’s worth challenging if you are a productivity enthusiast.


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