Doodle Card #154 – Leverage Your Weakness

Leverage your weakness.


Leverage your weakness.


When I was a kid, I was often made fun of — and sometimes bullied — because I was a big fat guy.

That experience made me very good at losing weight. I know hundreds of ways to make that happen. However, I’m not so good at maintaining my weight after losing it. My weight has widely fluctuated since early in my twenties – between 78kg (172 lbs) and 105kg (231 lbs). Currently my weight is somewhere in the middle of the range, and gradually increasing. So I have to lose weight — again.

My inability to maintain my weight leads me to keep asking myself ‘why.’ Why didn’t I do well at that time? How come I gained my weight again? It is an endless feedback loop and makes me aware that I still have a lot of things I can do.

Don’t let a small failure discourage you. Just accept it. Reflect. Learn from it. It’s a great opportunity to develop your self-awareness.


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