Doodle Card #167 – Live With Your Bucket List

Live with your bucket list.


Live with your bucket list.


One of the most inspiring books in my life is Before I Die by Candy Chang.

It’s like a bucket list in public. It’s also amazing to know that people around the globe have similar (if not the same) wishes like each one of us does.

It will never be late to start something meaningful to you. Like a 2007 American film The Bucket List. Like a 1952 Japanese film Ikiru directed by Akira Kurosawa.

“Before I die I want to ________.”

Every morning, ask this question and fill out the blank. Do something to live the life you want. Every single day. Our life shines most brightly when we are conscious of its end.

And never forget to dream big. If we know our life is worth pursuing something big — really big — we won’t easily give up on our life.


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