Doodle Card #151 – Never Be On The Side Of The Majority

Never be on the side of the majority.


Never be on the side of the majority.


In a business world — especially promotions of info product and TV commercials — there are thousands of skilled marketers who try to sell things to us. Most of the things are not worthwhile, but these marketers are so skillful and make people feel like they have to buy it.

It causes an ironic situation. Even though a company (or an individual) sells a great product or service, people would never buy it if their marketing is not sophisticated. If you are unskilled at marketing and promotion, people would consider your business as a shady or dubious one.

We have to do something different to avoid this trap. Do something that large companies or skilled (if not deceptive) marketers would never do. If people think you are different, there are chances that they evaluate your product/service without having too many cognitive biases.


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