Doodle Card #155 – See Both Sides Of The Equation

See both sides of the equation.


See both sides of the equation.


We believe what we want to believe.

I used to have hundreds of self-improvement & self-help books. I believed these books would help me and improve my life. That was what I wanted to believe. But in reality, buying these books might have helped the author and improved the author’s life more than they did for me. Once you got to know well about the business model of the industry, you can easily recognize that these books are just one type of cheap front-end products that lead you to expensive & profitable back-end products.

There are many good self-improvement & self-help books out there. I do not deny the value of them — especially because there are very mediocre ones as well. But if you only see one side of the equation — i.e. purchaser or consumer — your view can be easily distorted. And you might spend too much money for what you believe, which is also distorted by someone’s intention.

There is nothing that is made purely for the sake of us. Someone is making money from it.

It is always better for us to see the big picture before making a decision. It doesn’t mean that we have to be skeptical — we just have to have a broader view and see what it is. Then make conscious decisions. It will be much better than impulsive or emotional decisions.


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