Doodle Card #185 – Always Filter Information

Always filter information.


Always filter information.


We need information only to the degree that we actually use it. For what purpose? To solve a problem in our life and business.

We often think (or hope) that every information around us might be helpful to us, but it will be a waste of time to just consume them if we are not sure what kind of problem we want to solve. Serendipity will never happen if we don’t even know what makes us happy or gives us benefit.

Consuming content without purpose is fun. It is fun because doing so makes us feel that we do something important. But nothing changes. Except the fact that our time is wasted.

We tend to forget that anything, even just to have fun or relax, can lead to a problem-solving. When we have a clear purpose, we no longer consume the information around us — we filter them and put some of them to productive use.

We do not have to have a vague fear of missing something. Even if we store unlimited information in our brain, it’s just garbage if we don’t know why we need them in the first place.


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