Doodle Card #190 – Be Someone’s Lighthouse

Be someone's lighthouse.


Be someone’s lighthouse.


A lack of consistency in leadership knocks down everything.

A lighthouse works every night and stays at one place. Ships would be wrecked if it worked only occasionally or moved freely.

When it comes to leadership, everything leaders do — what they say, what they do, what they believe — is a lighthouse. It is the responsibility of all leaders to always keep the lighthouse working. It is not the thing that leaders can work on only when they feel like it.

But we see many ‘shipwreck’ in any organization. People don’t trust their leader. Or blindly follow them without question. Or become defensive and conservative rather than challenging the status quo. And in the end, the entire organization will be wrecked — a decline in revenue and/or profit, a high turnover of staff, a burnout or ‘karoshi’.

This is because there is no lighthouse in the organization, or even if it exists, it doesn’t work properly. If you are a leader, build one immediately and become a lighthouse keeper. Keep it working all the time.

And even if you are not a leader of an organization — you can be a lighthouse for the sake of others. Because we can save someone else — even their life — by just telling them we are here with them.


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