Doodle Card #206 – Choose To Be Smarter


Choose to be smarter.


Ask yourself: am I becoming cleverer or dumber now?

In a nutshell, we have only two outcomes from what we do every moment: we become smart or foolish. It doesn’t matter what we do — why we do it and how we see it do matter.

For example, reading a book itself does not bring anything to us. We need purpose — it isn’t until you actually apply something written in the book to your life or business that reading the book has its real meaning. We also should not read a book just because someone told us to read the book. If we see it as an opportunity (“get to”) instead of an obligation (“have-to”), reading the book gives us a completely different experience.

Doing nothing can make us smarter if we are fully engaged. Our brain and body definitely need to take a rest, which will lead to better output in the future.

Always assess what the thing you do now will lead you to. Choose consciously what you do every moment. Anything can make you smarter if you choose to.


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