Doodle Card #188 – Define Your Success

Define your success.


Define your success.


‘Success’ is a vague word.

I’ve created about 190 doodle cards for Instagram, and used the word ‘success’ 5 times and ‘successful’ (or ‘successfully’) 8 times, including titles and captions. To become a better writer, I have to deliberately stop using such vague words from my writing.

This can also apply to how we live. To create and live the life we want — and to make it ‘successful’ — we have to define what the word ’success’ really means to us.

Its definition varies from person to person. For some, working 18 hours every day for a prestigious company and getting a six-digit salary is a success. Some may think that they are successful if they work four hours every day and earn enough money to live a simple life. You may think that becoming famous is your success. And if you want to replicate someone’s success, go ahead.

Anything goes — but we have to decide ourselves. Don’t let others define your success or failure.


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