Doodle Card #180 – Labeling Is Boring

Labeling is boring.


Labeling is boring.


People sometimes treat me as an artist nowadays. It’s funny. I’m NOT an artist; I’m a businessperson who draws to help people think clearly, solve problems, learn effectively, and communicate well.

Labeling is an easy way to understand something. Entrepreneur, lawyer, writer, artist, designer, salesperson, accountant… whatever it is, labeling someone — including ourselves — gives us a certain impression of the person. It also creates prejudice, either consciously or subconsciously. In other words, labeling is a sign that our brain gets lazy about seeing something as it is.

If we describe someone — again, including ourselves — in a sentence, not a word, that’s a different story.

Instead of ‘artist’, how about saying “he creates the things that inspire people with awe”? Instead of ‘salesperson’, how about saying “I deliver the value that customers desperately need”?

We all are dynamic creatures. Let us stop using boring labels.


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