Doodle Card #178 – Think Positively With Care

Think positively with care.


Think positively with care.


Confession: I don’t always think positively, but I do believe the power of being positive.

In our life and business, there are times that we need to prepare for the worst. It is the essential task at the planning phase.

It doesn’t mean that we have to be pessimistic about everything. We just need to consider that anything — both good and bad — could happen and that there is something we can do even when the worst thing happens — as long as we are alive.

Being positive helps us face a tough time. Believing in our resourcefulness, we can figure out what we can do to overcome or utilize the situation — or run away from it if we face a crisis of life.

But if you want to do something and there is nothing you can do when the worst thing happens, just don’t do that… It’s just a recklessness, and being positive won’t help you in that situation.


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