Doodle Card #184 – Visuals Make Us Smarter

Visuals make us smarter.


Visuals make us smarter.


Being logical only makes us too smart by half.

In our life and business, people do not look for a logic first. Either consciously or subconsciously, they quickly scan for something that affects their feelings, then look for the logic that justifies having such feelings. If nothing impacts their feelings, they are gone. Being logical won’t have them come back.

So what appeals to our feelings as well as our brain? IMAGES. VISUALS. Pictures and/or drawings that trigger our deep thoughts and inspire insight.

But we have to be careful — because there are zillions of low-quality visuals, especially on the Internet. What are they? Visuals that are somewhat appealing to the old parts of our brain but will neither trigger our deep thoughts nor inspire insight. Crafty marketers take advantage of that. We have to retrieve the power of visuals from them.


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