Doodle Card #213 – Keep Building Up

Keep building up.


Keep building up.


If we stop learning, that can be the end of our career — as well as our life.

But, surprisingly enough, not a few people around my age — in their forties — hesitate to learn something new. They don’t work harder on that. They often think that learning intensively is only for younger people. Even though this world keeps changing and developing a set of diversified skills is required to be competitive on a global stage.

Instead of developing themselves, they rely upon what they accomplished in the past. They try to get respect from others by their past victories. It might be true that they worked really hard and got admirable results. But we don’t live in the past. Old tales are useful only when these stories help us move forward at this exact moment — not to admire someone.

To live in the present and future, we keep building something meaningful for us as well as others. No matter how old we are. Learning is just the first step to build something new.


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