Doodle Card #232 – Recharge Your Heart

Recharge your heart.


Recharge your heart.


It’s impossible to be grateful to others if we hate ourselves.

That is what happened to me until my early thirties. I hated myself more than anyone else. I wasn’t grateful to others — as well as to myself. I lost many friends and supporters because I repeated self-destructive behavioral pattern and didn’t care about what others feel.

Above all things, we need love for ourselves. It’s not a sappy self-help or woo-woo; our love for ourselves is a prerequisite for any kind of gratefulness to others. If we don’t have enough love, we can’t simply share it with others.

Some people hate us anyway, no matter how grateful we are. But it doesn’t matter at all if we always recharge and revitalize ourselves with our self-love, which is much stronger than someone’s hate.

Holiday season is a great opportunity to recharge ourselves with unconditional love from our loved ones. Hope all of you have a great Christmas Day.


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