Doodle Card #255 – Check How You Live


Check how you live.


We all have a limited time in our life, no matter how we perceive it — either long or short. And probably many of us want to make the most of it.

In the company I used to work for, people were proud of working longer hours. Actually they had to stay in the office for longer hours because of the culture of the company. But it doesn’t necessarily mean they always get more things done. I often saw people filling their time by doing things slowly or doing non-essential things, although they all pretended as if they were working really hard.

If you think that’s not the way you live your life, I agree with you. But even if you think that’s the way you live your life, I wouldn’t argue. Because we all have the right to choose how we live.

No matter how we live, it’s better to revisit how we use our time occasionally. Visualize it whenever possible, so that we would have better understanding of it. You might want to spend your life as you want — because we all have a limited time in our life.