Doodle Card #259 – Choose The Right Person


Choose the right person.


When we ask someone to do something, there are only two ways of asking: as a laborer or a doctor.

When we look for a laborer, what we expect for the person is to do a certain thing instead of us doing it.

But when we look for a doctor, what we expect is completely different; we expect them to solve a problem that we can’t solve or we don’t know what to do with it.

Problem happens when we ask a laborer to do a doctor’s role, or when we ask a doctor to do a laborer’s role. The former is quite speculative and would not work most of the time — although the odds are slightly better than winning the jackpot, because there are some laborers who want to be a doctor someday. The latter happens quite often, but only causes a lot of frustrations on both side.

Even business leaders are not always good at distinguishing doctors from laborers. It requires careful observations of people, and it is the skill that no business school would teach us.