Doodle Card #252 – Create Your Focus Mode


Create your focus mode.


If you are employed and work from Monday to Friday, I never suggest working in the office on the weekend — unless it makes you happy. But if you have to, do it as an experiment — to figure out how you can enter the “flow” state.

I didn’t always love my job, but I liked working in the office on the weekend — it can be one of the quietest place in the world. No phone call. No incoming email. No one disturbed me. I was able to try anything to make me stay highly focused and get many things done. My favorite way to get in the zone was to wear headphones and listen to drum and bass mix while working, although I couldn’t do this on weekdays because I worked for very conservative companies as one of the management team.

Once you find the way to get you focused, it will help you for the rest of your life. Because you know how to become highly productive and get things done in a short period of time when needed.