Doodle Card #254 – Don’t Just Keep It Simple


Don’t just keep it simple.


We prefer simplicity in our life. But creating something simple is not always easy.

On the other day, I started creating a logo for my client. But in my first attempt, I ended up with an illustration. The graphic I initially created had too many information – the things that might give a wrong perception about what the company is. On my second try, what I created was too simple; it didn’t have enough information that helps people understand what the company is.

Simplicity is NOT for the sake of simplicity; it is for the sake of better awareness, communication, and/or functionality. It is vital that we find the essential to achieve simplification of something, but that’s not enough – we need to ADD the bare minimum needed to help people understand, communicate, or function better.

Just throwing things away won’t help you organize your home or office – it can make an empty space, but that’s probably not the simplicity you want. Figuring out what is essential to you, how they interconnect and how you can make the most of them is the entry point for ideal simplicity.