Doodle Card #269 – Recognize Your Value


Recognize your value.


To recognize our own value — it might be one of the biggest challenges in our life and business.

Decades ago, I once regarded my job with a six-digit salary as “shitty.” Sorry for the awful word, but this is exactly what I always thought in my mind. And it comes from one of the typical thoughts of passive-aggressive people — “I’m a skilled businessperson, but the company doesn’t recognize what I’ve done and only gives me the rule for which I’m overqualified.” It is a very dangerous thought that can destroy our career. And that was what exactly happened to me. Due to my deep resentment against my employer, I completely overlooked the unique value I delivered to the people working with me.

No matter what you do, there is the value that only you can deliver. Don’t get trapped by the social norm, the corporate culture of your employer, or what others say to you — these things don’t always help you deliver your own value to this world. In reality, they often do the opposite; they make you replaceable or force you to do the things that anyone can do.

Never underestimate yourself. That can be the fatal mistake in your life and business.