Doodle Card #243 – Try Until It Resonates


Try until it resonates.


I see many people giving up on their idea without executing it. They often say, “Well, I think people wouldn’t like it.” I also see some people who make a huge bet on their idea without validating it. They would say, “Well, I think people will definitely like it.”

What both of them misunderstand is that, there are certainties even before they start something new — they think they have something right or wrong.

We are unable to know what people really like until we deliver our work to them. Or share our work with them. If someone says we always can, probably that person is trying to sell dubious marketing tactics to you. Even when we follow an effective marketing strategy, we need to observe how people react to what we deliver, and have to make adjustments to the strategy so as to make it work.

If you start or create something new, don’t even try to find the “right” answer from the beginning. Unlike school exams, there is no right answer when we start or create something new. It is we who will create the answer through careful observation and countless adjustments.

Keep trying until your idea starts changing people — and this world.