Doodle Card #286 – Design An Exit Strategy


Design an exit strategy.


In our life and business, we often run into a situation where we just have to leave without making a deal. For example:

Exit from unprofitable customers. Some people or companies just seek something cheap to make them more profitable. They treat you with no respect and don’t allow you to make a profit you deserve. No matter how their social credibility is, just leave. They are a typical “kiss up, kick down” type of creature in the market.

Exit from dysfunctional relationship. Healthy relationship is not about give and take; it’s about helping each other. If you start thinking that you’re giving more than taking or that the opponent is taking more than giving, it’s time to reflect on why. We can’t build a good relationship with anyone if we have a feeling of being victimized.

Exit from unproductive thoughts. This might be the toughest battle because it always happens within us. Even worse, we sometimes allow some negative thoughts to drain our energy unconsciously. One of the effective countermeasures is to keep a journal, especially when you feel something is wrong or uncomfortable. Dig deeply into yourself, find the root cause of your negative feeling, and just let go of it.

Have the courage not to make a deal. No deal is always a valid option, and will be a better option than making a deal under certain circumstances. To leave is not to run away; it’s a strategic action to find a better option somewhere else.