Doodle Card #276 – Explore Your Potential


Explore your potential.


In business, we need to get permission for our work from our customers so as to get paid for it. If our work doesn’t meet their expectation, we’ll get in trouble.

But it doesn’t mean that we always need to ask our customers for permission. If we did, we most likely wouldn’t be able to “wow” our customers with our innovative and creative work. And if our customers just want us to follow their instructions, they don’t see us as a professional; what they are looking for is just an operator, someone who always do what he or she is told to do.

The same applies to our life. Our life is not a reflection of someone’s permission or expectation — unless we choose to live our life as someone’s substitute. If we choose to live our own life, it is our responsibility to develop ourselves and become capable of “wowing” others with our work. It’s definitely NOT easier than asking others for permission; but it is the only way to discover our true potential.

No one knows your true potential yet. Even you don’t recognize what you will be capable of, no matter how old you are now. Don’t limit yourself to permission or expectation of others — as well as your own one. Our life is to explore possibilities and new ways of being our true self — until the very last minute.