Doodle Card #279 – Have Peace Of Mind


Have peace of mind.


Never let your resentment control you, no matter what happens.

Even if you haven’t experienced the feeling of resentment yet, the above aphorism is still worth remembering – because no one knows what happens in the future. And at some point in our life, we almost always experience adversity that tests our faith and perseverance.

For example, evil intent of others can bother us in many ways. Someone would direct a vicious personal attack on you even when you do nothing wrong. People would work against your efforts to make things better — so as to make themselves look good. You might be familiar with such incidents if you’re sick and tired of any kind of company politics.

Here’s the challenge: no matter how badly people treat you, stay calm. Take a deep breath, and make a rational argument in a non-emotional manner. People wouldn’t listen to you after all, but you win — not the small battle with narrow-minded people, but the fight to live with your faith.