Doodle Card #314 – Ask Tons Of Questions


Ask tons of questions.


Ask questions. Tons of questions. In a clever way.

To understand better. To discover facts. To reveal contradiction. Without asking, we can’t get to anywhere that is meaningful to us.

Asking questions is not the same as attacking someone, but not a few people see that way. That’s because questions are not well-thought. It’s essential for all of us to practice and learn how to ask better questions—by asking many questions.

Some people don’t like being asked. They just don’t like it, they even hate it. It’s mainly because they are afraid; they are afraid of being understood, uncovered, or recognized. Those kind of people would not be the ones whom you want to work with, but only by asking questions, you can figure out how they are.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Don’t be afraid of being asked either. Questions won’t kill anyone, even extremely tough ones; they just make us better, smarter, and stronger.