Doodle Card #321 – Difference Creates Value


Difference creates value.


Never express your opinion about religion and politics.

This is one of the rules to work globally, and its point is simple: If we want to build relations with others, we should not talk about things that reveal irreconcilable differences.

We are all different. If you believe that your way of thinking is the same as someone else—even very close people—that’s not true. Being similar is quite different from being the same, and often can be the reason to cause an argument.

When it comes to religious and political view, we all are QUITE different. It’s easier to create an uncompromising situation than being similar. We can’t even talk about the difference among us because we don’t know enough about other’s view on those matters. We might be able to find and understand the difference if we asked thousands of questions, but doing so just breaks a relationship before building it.

I don’t know your religious and political view. You don’t know mine either. We will never talk about those views. But it won’t prevent us from creating something meaningful—like businesses, arts, products or services—together.