Doodle Card #319 – Play A Different Game


Play a different game.


If your daily life has no room for trying something new or different, that’s a bad sign.

Repeating the same thing over and over again only leads to boredom, not excellence. Many companies force their employees to follow standard procedures all the time, and waste their talent. In such environment, questioning the procedures is often considered “taboo”—in other words, a foolhardy attempt to challenge authority. Creative people—those who can figure out much better way to do the same thing (or do more) in less time—have no place to work comfortably.

I worked in such “restricted” environment for years. Now I hate doing the same thing repeatedly, regardless of frequency—even annual tax filings—so I always try a new way of doing thing whenever possible. But when I need to follow a certain procedure (like tax filings…), I always change how I work on it to get the same (or better) result. It’s a bit inefficient way to do that thing, but I can learn a lot about how an effective procedure should be.

We can never make a difference in anything if we don’t seek a difference. Take time to explore what you haven’t tried yet.