Doodle Card #383 – Create Real Effect On Your Life


Create real effect on your life.


Self-help industry is selling placebos. Most self-help products have no therapeutic effect but placebo effect; the product sometimes works if their customers truly believe that the product will work. Yes, it’s only “sometimes”—it doesn’t always work because it’s a placebo after all.

What if a self-help product is “scientifically proven”? Find an original research paper, and see if the product worked for ALL research participants. It might have been “scientifically proven,” but you’ll see that it still doesn’t always work for everyone in every situation.

Since the self-help industry hugely depends on a strong belief of their customers, it can easily create an addiction and build a cult. People in that industry will never publicly acknowledge it, because that’s how they make money.

So what can we do about it? Know the facts, and if you have money to burn and still really want to buy a self-help product or service, do so as an experiment. Otherwise, believe in yourself, work harder and smarter every day, avoid impulsive decisions and behavior, love people who work with you and help them become successful, and make a fortune for yourself. That’s the best self-help approach.