Doodle Card #378 – Feel Abundant


Feel abundant.


Well, I’m not talking about self-help crap. Feeling abundant is one of the great ways to lead us to creative thinking.

When we do something, we almost always benefit from someone’s inventions and labors. For example, at the beginning of my morning routine, I always drink a glass of water. I can do so every morning because there are people who produced a glass, faucet, and clean-water pipes, and those who maintain a waterworks system every single minute.

When something goes wrong or doesn’t go well, we tend to think that everything sucks and we are powerless, but that’s not true; we are always surrounded and supported by millions of resources that work well every single moment. Even when only a few of them don’t go well as we expected, we still own many resources. There is no need to feel anxious, because we can always create something new by using what we already have.

And never forget that you always have the most abundant and precious resource: YOU.