Doodle Card #370 – Give 120% Every Time


Give 120% every time.


Give 120% on everything; it’s a bit tricky concept. No matter what it is—focus, creativity, passion and so on—it’s impossible to give more than 100% because 100% is the maximum. So where does the additional 20% come from?

It’s a combination of two or more elements. For example, when you have to focus, add a bit of creativity to your effort. Move to a different place and turn off your phone so that other people can’t interrupt you. Or shut off all notifications, close all messaging apps, or turn off a Wi-Fi connection if you work on your computer. A distraction-free environment can often multiply your productivity.

For another example, when someone tells you to do a certain thing, don’t just blindly follow an instruction; have a strong sense of purpose about the task. If you are not sure about it, ask the person who told you to do the thing. If the person doesn’t even know why (or tells you not to even ask why), create your own purpose. It makes the task more meaningful to you, allows you to be fully engaged in it, and helps you grow faster.

Be resourceful to make the most of your talent, skills, and effort. A small thing can make a big difference in your output.