Doodle Card #366 – Go After Your Ideas, Not Others


Go after your ideas, not others.


Doing many experiments is essential for us to find an idea that works well. That also means that we often have embarrassing experiences from the experiments.

My 10-ideas doodle was a complete disaster. It was disastrous because I just followed other’s idea and tried to cut corners—hoping the 10-ideas format would make me more creative, which didn’t happen. It rather prevented me from digging deeply into myself and discovering something insightful.

Especially when we pursue a creative work, we might as well stick to our own idea(s). Of course, even if our idea is extremely good, we will have to learn many things from ideas and experiences of others in order for us to make our idea happen—but that doesn’t mean we have to blindly follow someone’s ideas, experiences and/or advice.