Doodle Card #372 – Unfocus To Focus


Unfocus to focus.


It’s impossible for us to stay focused for hours without breaks. If we try to do so, our productivity will plummet. That’s a scientifically proven fact, but many businesses—especially in Japan—force their employees to work longer hours. Self-employed business owners can’t be stupid like that.

So what should we do to maintain our focus and productivity? Take more breaks. It’s contrary to common belief, but it works. I’ve been using the Pomodoro Technique (developed by Francesco Cirillo) for years, and take a 10-minute break after focusing on a task for 30 minutes. You may think I’m taking too many breaks, and I actually do—but that allows me to maintain my focus even after I work for 12 hours.

The point is, you have to focus on refreshing while taking a short break. Don’t even think about the task you’ve just done; otherwise you won’t be able to benefit from the break. And you have to get back to work after the short break. Use a timer so that you can stay on track.

More importantly, focus on creating and delivering your work. After all, it’s a productivity management, not a time management.