Doodle Card #412 – Create The Future You Want To See


Create the future you want to see.


My deep resentment against people who insulted me was always my biggest problem—until just recently. It’s no longer a problem though.

Our brain doesn’t stop remembering what happened in the past. So whenever I feel angry about someone who was rude to me, I talk to myself:

“What I’ve experienced in my life is vital for me to create the future I want. I’m grateful for everything that has happened to me, no matter what it seems.”

It works—at least for me. This affirmation makes me feel like I’m free from the bitterness I suffered with for a long time, and gives me the power to move forward with my life.

Perhaps being non-judgmental about what happens is the key; no matter how good or bad something seems to be, there is a way to use it for a good purpose.