Doodle Card #406 – See Behind The Mask


See behind the mask.


How do you deal with passive-aggressive people?

A decade ago, I was sick and tired of dealing with them in a corporate environment. They always thought they were right. They didn’t do anything proactively so that they were able to avoid taking ownership of anything. They were quite reluctant to do something new. And if something wrong happened, they would say, “Well, we thought that your decision and the instructions you gave us were wrong, but we had to follow because you’re a leader.”

Now that I’m self-employed, but I still see this kind of people quite often. They just drain my energy. I wish I were able to stay away from passive-aggressive people for the rest of my life. But it will never happen unless I shut myself off from everybody and the world.

All I can do is to improve myself and learn how to get around problems of passive-aggressive people—isn’t it?