Doodle Card #436 – Never Stop Creating


Never stop creating.


To be a creator is not as easy as it sounds.

You want to be a creator, decide to create something, and start sharing it with the world. That’s a great start, but the first challenge is to keep creating something on a regular basis.

When you start sharing your work with the world, people start reacting to your work—for a while. Then most of them quickly lose interest in your work because you are not a professional artist or any kind of publicly-recognized creator yet. The second challenge is to keep creating something even when people start ignoring you.

One day someone starts talking about your work. Some of them, or many of them, start asking you to create something for them. You get paid, at least occasionally, for the work you create. But the work is not always the one you wanted to create; it’s often the one that your client wanted you to create. The third (and the biggest) challenge is to keep creating something you really want to create.