Doodle Card #471 – Know What Drives You


Know what drives you.


Why do you wake up every day?

What drives you today?

Probably that’s because you do what you should do. Go to work to make a living. Take care of your family. Or do whatever you are told to do or you feel obligated to do.

Probably that’s because you do what you love to do. Do a job you think is your vocation. Create something you love. Meet people you like.

Or both. Sometimes you do what you want to do, and the rest of the time, you do what you have to do.

It’s not a matter of which is right or wrong; no matter what we do, we better understand why we do it. If you become conscious of why you do what you do every day, you begin to have power and influence on them. And that’s the first step of changing your life for the better.