Doodle Card #474 – Feel Connected To The World (Because You Are)


Feel connected to the world (because you are).


I love talking with my customers, no matter where they are. This morning I’ve exchanged email with one of my customers, who lives in Namibia. It’s quite exciting for me to connect with people around the world through my work.

However, I have to admit that I was afraid of talking to my customers in the past. Precisely speaking, just until a few months ago.

I was scared. Even when my customer satisfied with my work, I was skeptical about it—because I didn’t believe in myself. It was clear that I had a problem with my self-esteem. And it just didn’t happen; I lived with the problem for decades.

Now the problem has gone. You might wonder how I overcome it; in fact, I just stopped thinking about it. I just realized that doing my work with my maximum effort—without being scared of something or skeptical about myself—is always the best thing I can deliver to my customer.

My customer might not like my work. But that’s fine—because the work gave me a chance to grow further. I know I will be able to do it better if the customer gives me a second chance. Even if my customer doesn’t, I can use the experience for the next work—for someone else on this planet.

No matter what you do, you and your work are part of this world. You are always connected to the world. And some people wait for you and your work—it may take a while, but you’ll eventually find them if you keep searching for them and improving yourself.