Doodle Card #183 – Search For Your Keystone


Search for your keystone.


Are your habits helping you grow further, or making you struggle?

A ‘keystone habit’ is the concept coined by Charles Duhigg, author of “The Power of Habit”. It is the habit that is important than other habits and has the power to transform our life. This concept can also applied to any organizations — because there are a certain type of behaviors in any organizations according to their own culture and way of thinking.

We are not always aware of such a keystone habit — or habits. When everything goes well, we tend to lose our focus on what we actually do every day. When things don’t go well, we tend to look for the reasons outside, not inside of ourselves. In both cases, we just don’t have enough information about our own habits, including the keystone habit(s).

The keystone habit is not always a good habit — sometimes a bad one. Eating or drinking too much, avoiding exercise, complaining or criticizing others all the time… Just QUITTING bad habits like these can impact our daily behaviors and eventually change our life and business.

To make such change happen, taking inventory of our own habits is a good start. Be aware of what you do every moment, or observe what your people do, and take notes. After two to three weeks, you will get an idea of what is going on and where these habits come from. Then you just have to work on it — it’s not always easy to make habit changes happen, but if you succeed, you will get the reward you deserve.


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