Doodle Card #182 – Create Your True North

Create your true north.


Create your true north.


Are you moving toward your own goal, or the goal that someone else have you think is appropriate?

Many people and companies try to convince you that you should aim at the goal they create for you. Getting a job at a large company. Buying a house. Becoming a millionaire. Saving the world. You name it.

The problem is, many of us believe that we create these goals ourselves, although they have been implanted in our brain by someone else. If these goals completely resonate with you and you can live with them for the rest of your life, that is fine. But if you become skeptical about any of them, it’s time to think about your own goal. It’s not an easy path, but worthwhile.

We all deserve pursuing our own goal. And our brain and heart are capable of creating the goal — or many of them — that ignites our soul. Something really exciting that makes us wake up early in the morning and stay awake at night.

Let us think what we really want to aim at for the rest of our life. It’s not too late. Take one small step forward today.


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