Doodle Card #228 – Be Reborn Every Day

Be reborn every day.


Be reborn every day.


We always tend to underestimate our capacity to change ourselves.

As the old Chinese tale goes, “When scholars part ways for three days, they will view each other in a different light when they meet again later.” In other words, if we don’t meet someone for three days, the person can make remarkable improvement during the period.

The insight of this quote is much more important to all of us who live in a fast-changing world. On the Internet we can learn many things, show our work, and reach to the world. We don’t need even three days to make significant improvement — one day can be enough to make notable change.

Every day, we wake up with a new life. Today is the first day of the rest of our life. Why not take initiative and start creating the life you really want?


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